Discover+ Opportunities: Business Programs

December 28, 2023

In an era in which the business landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, the importance of preparing the next generation of leaders has never been more pronounced. For high school and college students, participating in business education programs and competitions opens doors to a world of insights and opportunities that extend far beyond the classroom. In today’s blog post, we explore the transformative potential of ten of the most impactful business education programs tailored for young minds. From hands-on workshops to immersive experiences, these programs provide a unique avenue for students to cultivate essential skills, gain a practical understanding of business dynamics, and lay the groundwork for future success.

Berkeley Business Academy for Youth: High School Entrepreneurship

In this two-week program, fifty high school students from around the world develop a business idea and craft a business plan while gaining insight into essential business concepts. Hosted at UC Berkeley’s Walter A. Haas School of Business, the academy provides participants with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in campus life, academics, and culture. The program, which includes instruction from professors and corporate leaders, features an interactive curriculum covering entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, accounting, game theory, negotiation, organizational management, corporate social responsibility, and public speaking/presentation skills.

Boston Leadership Institute Summer Business Program (Finance)

Explore the field of finance and gain insight into the daily tasks of financial analysts in this immersive course. Tailored for teens with an interest in business and math, the program covers topics such as bond and stock valuation, dividends, forecasting, trend analysis, options pricing, cash flow, and seasonality. The course, offered in two separate three-week sessions, is open to students from around the globe and provides both commuter and residency options. Presented by the Boston Leadership Institute (BLI), this program allows high school students to engage in hands-on research with leading scientists and researchers in Boston.

Case Western’s Social Entrepreneurship: The Business of Helping Others

Embark on a journey of social entrepreneurship with these two- and four-week asynchronous online courses, which are tailored for individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset and a desire to make a positive impact. Delve into the essentials of social entrepreneurship, learning how to initiate a venture, build a value proposition, assemble a team, attract customers, recognize problems, and devise solutions. Participants will gain the skills needed to distinguish social entrepreneurship from other forms of social impact initiatives and, upon completing the course successfully, will earn a Certificate of Completion from Case Western Reserve University. The course is well-suited for future business majors, aspiring entrepreneurs, and those driven by social consciousness.

Columbia Business School Enrichment Program

This program is designed for individuals at various stages of their academic and professional journey, offering an opportunity to identify the business area that best aligns with their interests. Participants engage with faculty from the top-ranked Columbia Business School, and the online programs, facilitated by expert practitioners, allow flexible study at one's own pace. Participants benefit from mentor guidance, global collaboration with motivated peers, and the acquisition of essential skills and knowledge. Successful completion of this program earns participants a certificate of participation from Columbia Business School.

Creative Entrepreneurship Program at Berklee

This program is a comprehensive, five-day interactive experience aimed at instructing aspiring artists, managers, influencers, and entrepreneurs on launching successful careers in the music industry. Participants delve into key sectors such as artist development, management, recorded music, publishing, live performances, and marketing. The program covers emerging technologies revolutionizing music recording, distribution, and monetization. Taught by world-class faculty and industry professionals, sessions offer cutting-edge insights, fostering collaboration and creative expression. Through case studies, participants trace the career journey of a DIY musician from emergence to establishment. Students gain a deep understanding of foundational music industry terminology, current events, income sources for artists, business models, emerging technologies, and marketing strategies for music releases or live events.

Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy

EGE combines practical skills with a deep understanding of economic principles essential for successful entrepreneurship. This one-week program, which is open to thirty to forty high school students from around the world, involves classroom instruction supplemented by practical activities and simulations, in which participants are introduced to the ways in which economic principles relate to entrepreneurship and the global economy. Beyond traditional skills like business-plan writing and pitching ideas, EGE emphasizes the importance of understanding economic principles, including incentives and the role of institutions like government in shaping the rules of the game for entrepreneurs.

Genius Olympiad: Business

GENIUS Business aims to promote environmental values in the business sector, addressing green product development and fostering social responsibility plans for businesses seeking positive societal and environmental impact. In the Entrepreneurship category, students propose eco-friendly products or technologies, or improvements to existing ones, developing a comprehensive business plan that includes market analysis, target audience, pricing, promotion, delivery, staffing, facilities, and profit goals. In the Social Responsibility category, participants offer environmental solutions for existing businesses. Presentations include analysis of current environmental impact, proposed changes, financial costs, and market position impact. Finalists showcase their work at the five-day Genius Olympiad at the University of Rochester.

Harvard Student Agencies: Business Academies - Business Accelerator Program

The Business Accelerator program is a nine-week competition for students with startup ideas, providing coaching and guidance from a team of Harvard undergraduate entrepreneurs. Among other activities, participants learn how to build a business and prepare pitch presentations. The final pitch, judged by Harvard Student Agencies upper management staff, determines the winning business, which receives $5,000 in seed funding and continued mentorship for effective fund allocation and business scaling.

Startup UCLA: Social Entrepreneurship Summer Institute

The Startup UCLA: Social Entrepreneurship Summer Institute is a two-week, hands-on program designed to introduce students to the foundations of starting social enterprises and non-profits. The first half focuses on researching and creating mission-oriented ventures, while the second half allows students to apply this knowledge by forming teams and developing their own startup ideas. Each team prepares a five-minute pitch for feedback from a panel of entrepreneurs and investors.

Wharton Global Youth Program - Leadership in the Business World (LBW)

LBW at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is an intensive summer program designed for rising high school seniors. The program, which provides an introduction to a top-notch undergraduate business education, focuses on developing leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. LBW offers a glimpse into Wharton's undergraduate curriculum through classes with Wharton professors, interactions with business leaders, real-time business simulations, and team-building activities. Participants attend lectures and presentations, engage in classroom discussions on core business subjects, apply business practices through simulations and case studies, and conduct research on various industries, working with successful leaders in areas such as finance, entrepreneurship, entertainment, real estate, and retail.

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