Frequently Asked Questions

What services does AtomicMind offer?

Our wide array of services include support for the college application process, academic tutoring and enrichment, and standardized test preparation. Early college advising can begin in middle school. Let our experts unleash your child's potential, setting them on a trajectory for success. We also work with kindergarteners and elementary school students through our QuantumKids program. Contact us for more information.

How much do AtomicMind’s services cost?

Package pricing varies and is contingent upon several factors. Our approach is holistic, allowing us to customize packages based on the unique needs of each student. Contact us to schedule a personalized consultation. We can create a package that aligns perfectly with your family's needs.

When should my student start the college application process?

We strongly encourage students to enroll early – typically between seventh and ninth grade. This early engagement allows us to help your child cultivate essential study skills and healthy habits, learn about and expand upon their passions, and start to shape their compelling personalized profile.

How many hours of counseling will my student need?

During our initial consultation, we will determine the most suitable package for your student's needs, taking into account their academic and personal background, their talents and potential deficits, and their college admissions aspirations. Contact us and schedule a time to speak with our experts!

Do you work with transfer or graduate students?

Yes, we do. The process is similar to that of our typical college application process where we will match the student with a Head Advisor who will provide guidance along the way. During your consultation, we can determine what level of support you may need and design a package to best fit your individual journey.

Where do meetings take place? Does AtomicMind work with students during evenings and weekends?

Our meetings are conducted online through Zoom or Google Meet. These platforms allow for scheduling flexibility and facilitate optimal matches between Head Advisors and tutors as geographical constraints are eliminated.

Although our office operates during standard business hours from Monday to Friday, 9 AM – 6 PM ET, we prioritize working with students at their convenience. Our commitment to tailored services means that counselors and tutors engage with students outside regular business hours. By utilizing virtual meeting platforms, our sessions can be scheduled to accommodate any time zone and day of week. We take pride in our exceptional availability and accessibility to meet the diverse needs and schedules of individual students across the globe.

Can you put me in touch with past clients for references?

Respecting the confidentiality of our valued clients is paramount to us. We uphold this commitment by refraining from disclosing the names and contact information of past clients for the purpose of acquiring new clients. The ultimate reference lies in the actual acceptance letters from our clients in the most recent admissions cycle, serving as tangible proof of our clients' success and high level of satisfaction with our services.

What are the benefits of hiring an AtomicMind college admissions consultant?

Admission rates at many top-tier schools have decreased to single digits in the past decade. The traditional formula of having straight As, near-perfect standardized test scores, and a multitude of extracurricular activities ensuring admission to top schools is no longer applicable.

Gaining admission has become a formidable challenge and surveys indicate that one in three students applying to a private university in the U.S. enlist the services of an admissions consultant. At AtomicMind, our team approach to consulting with students brings invaluable insights as former admissions officers, data experts, writing and editing experts and subject specialists collaborate on helping students navigate a path that is unique and exceptional to vastly increase the odds of acceptance into their preferred colleges. While we don't provide admissions guarantees, our impressive track record speaks for itself — 99% of our clients secure admission to one of their top three choice colleges. Contact us today to learn how AtomicMind can help!