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AtomicMind gives students the tools and guidance to navigate the application process with confidence. We work closely with students at every stage, from highlighting their unique talents, to identifying the schools that best fit their individual needs and ambitions, to preparing them for interviews, to helping them craft unique, standout college essays.
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Our process

Every rising senior works closely with a Head Advisor, who acts as a thought partner, guide, advocate, and counselor. We encourage our students to transform their passions into the “wow factor” they will need to impress admissions officers at top institutions.

In addition to their Head Advisor, our students partner with our team of Writing Coaches and Admissions Strategists. We work closely with students at every stage, highlighting their unique talents, identifying the schools that best fit their individual needs and ambitions, preparing them for interviews, and helping them craft unique, standout college essays.

Our dedicated team helps students keep track of deadlines, due dates, and sessions with Writing Coaches and other Specialists in order to ensure that all necessary milestones are met and completed to the highest standards of excellence. No essay or application is submitted without final approval by our Executive Team.

Meet some of our team

Sophia S.

Head Advisor

Columbia University

Alexa V.

Head Advisor, English Specialist

Yale University

Sean B.


Oxford University & Harvard University

Johnson S.

Computer Science Specialist

Stanford University

Arielle A.

History Specialist


Jake M.

Writing Coach

Harvard University

Chris B.

Science Specialist

Cornell University

Charlie F.

History Specialist

Columbia University

Piper P.

Writing Coach


Zoë K.

Writing Coach

UPenn & Columbia University

Charis R.

Head Advisor


Forrest B.

English Specialist, Writing Coach


Min L.

STEM Mentor


Mary S.

Math Specialist


Eliyana A.

General Academic Specialist


Kelsey H.

Math Specialist


Chris M.

Math Specialist

Yale University

Angela L.

Science Specialist

UChicago & Harvard University

Naomi F.

Greek & Classics Specialist

Columbia University

Josh K.

Athletic Recruitment Specialist

Columbia University

Christopher M.

Humanities Mentor

Princeton & Yale

Don't take our word for it

“My wife and I are working professionals. The team assumed the role of educational guardians and handheld our child throughout the process while still keeping us in the loop so that when we came home at night we got to just enjoy our time with our son. We often talk about how we have given our son the equivalent of the best executive coaches for his academic career.”

Andy C.

“You guys inspire me to push myself and push me when I am lacking inspiration. Thanks for giving me the gift of a better future.”

Clara Z.

“These past few years have been the best experience of my life. I learned that there was nothing I wasn’t capable of, including excelling at Harvard.”

Frank W.

“Thank you for guiding us through what would have otherwise been a stressful time. You helped us demystify the process and unleash our ability to communicate what would make our children valuable to a highly selective private school community in NYC.”

Alexis F.

The team worked hard to help differentiate our daughter despite her extraordinary shyness and the severe introversion that even her high school counselor thought would hold her back. Her thoughtfulness came through and she is thrilled to be headed to Brown next fall!

Julia M

The guidance you provided our daughter in building her extracurricular profile was invaluable. Between her publication in a serious history journal and numerous literary magazines, the noteworthy awards she won, and the leadership roles she embraced, her college admissions experience was actually more enjoyable than stressful. We couldn’t be more thrilled with her acceptance to Columbia!

Ming Y

I was impressed with the way the team was able to completely change the trajectory for one of my children, who, as a senior, improved his candidacy just weeks ahead of the deadline, making top schools a possibility. They shifted on a dime and were flexible enough to have him change course entirely, towards a successful Stanford candidacy.

Lance R

My son, after navigating the process with a different consultant, was deferred from his early action top-choice college. He was heartbroken. Leelila and her team swooped in to save his candidacy. By helping him find his authentic voice and a unique perspective, he was able to gain acceptance in the regular decision round to both Harvard and Yale.

Joyce K

Yale. It happened. I’m still pinching myself. I could not have done it without you guys. Thank you so much!

Jessica B