Making a School List When Applying to Private High Schools

March 13, 2024
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Private schools

Choosing the right private schools to apply to for 9th grade is a big decision that requires extensive consideration and research. Starting this process in the spring of 8th grade will give you ample time to consider all of your options and finalize your list before applications open in the fall. AtomicMind can walk you and your child through the private school application process from start to finish. From selecting schools that are the best fit to tackling all of the admissions details, our team is ready to help. Embark on this exciting educational adventure with AtomicMind and watch your child stride confidently towards academic success.

Here are some tailored tips for making a list of schools of interest when applying to highly selective private high schools:

Research Academic Programs
Look for schools that offer a rigorous academic curriculum with opportunities for enrichment and advancement. Consider specialized programs, such as STEM, arts, or language immersion, that align with your child's interests and strengths.

Consider School Culture and Values
Evaluate the school's mission statement, values, and culture to ensure they align with your family's beliefs and priorities. Look for schools that foster a supportive and inclusive environment where your child will feel valued and respected.

Assess Extracurricular Opportunities
Explore the extracurricular activities offered by each school, including sports, clubs, arts, and community service. Consider your child's interests and passions outside of academics and seek schools that provide opportunities for them to pursue their hobbies and develop new skills.

Evaluate Class Size and Teacher Support
Consider the student-to-teacher ratio and the level of individualized attention and support your child will receive. Smaller class sizes often allow for more personalized instruction and support, which can benefit academic growth and development.

Review College Placement and Alumni Success
Look into the school's track record for college placement and the success of its alumni. Consider factors such as acceptance rates to top colleges and universities, scholarship opportunities, and alumni achievements in various fields.

Open Houses and Virtual Tours
Attend open houses, information sessions, and virtual tours to get a firsthand look at each school's campus, facilities, and community. Take note of the atmosphere, interactions between students and teachers, and overall vibe of the school.

Seek Feedback from Current Families
Reach out to current families at the schools you're considering to gather insights and perspectives. Ask about their experiences, strengths, and areas for growth within the school community.

Consider Location and Commute Time
Take into account the location of each school and the logistics of commuting, especially if it involves a significant distance or transportation challenges. Consider factors such as safety, accessibility, and the impact on your family's daily routine.

By carefully researching and considering these factors, you can create a list of schools of interest that align with your child's academic, extracurricular, and personal needs, setting them up for success on their educational journey. Choosing the right private schools for your child to apply to isn't just about the list; it's about finding places where your child can thrive and shine. We'll work closely with you to pick schools that align perfectly with what’s best for your child and walk you through every part of the admissions process, detail by detail. With AtomicMind, you're setting your child on a path for academic, social and emotional success.