What Makes for a Standout College Application?

April 16, 2024
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With college on the horizon, parents inevitably ask one question: What constitutes an exceptional college application?
Competitive colleges require stellar grades, high test scores, extracurricular achievements, and authenticity in personal essays. These schools look for students who not only excel academically, but also bring unique perspectives and experiences to their campuses. Now is the perfect time for students to start reflecting on their personal story and how it shapes their world view.

The Personal Essay

The personal essay is a chance for students to showcase their personality, resilience, and share their unique contributions with a school. Writing a compelling narrative requires introspection and needs to be thoughtfully done. Encourage your child to brainstorm experiences that have significantly influenced them: What challenges have they overcome? What achievements have most shaped them? Self-reflection is the first step in crafting a powerful essay that will resonate with admissions officers. To read a standout personal essay, click here!

Recognizing the importance of starting early, AtomicMind is ready to help ease the stress of this process. Our team of experts is here to guide both you and your child through the complexities of college applications, ensuring that their unique talents and character shine through.