AI is an amazing tool. But will it supercharge the spread of 'fake news'?

AtomicMind CEO Leelila Strogov weighs in on the future of ChatGPT and fact checking information.

AtomicMind CEO Leelila Strogov weighs in on the future of ChatGPT and fact checking information.

Leelila Strogov, founder and CEO of AtomicMind, a college admissions coaching company, said that while ChatGPT is "notoriously inaccurate" and likely won't ever be completely reliable, it's still a valuable tool for learning.

"I think we just have to understand that we as humans ... need to work on training ourselves to work with the tools we have as effectively as possible," she said. "It's another tool in a toolbox. Nothing more, nothing less."

She likened it to Wikipedia, which can be unreliable as a source, but can serve as a jumping-off point for someone trying to learn about a new topic.

"I think when you turn to ChatGPT for just about anything, you are setting yourself up for an enormous amount of fact-checking and research if you actually want to get things right," she said. "So, I think it can serve as a starting point for curious minds, but it very quickly needs to go into investigation mode. What here is true? What is not true? And which sources can I actually turn to that will likely be reliable?"

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