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Atomicmind launches the Atomicmind Foundation Scholar program to assist students from families experiencing financial hardship

AtomicMind has launched a Foundation Scholar Program offering $500,000 in services to 50 students for college admission support, targeting high-achieving, low-income students.

AtomicMind, an education technology company that offers families a boutique coaching experience in the increasingly competitive college admissions landscape, today announced the establishment of the AtomicMind Foundation Scholar Program to help make the company’s services available to those students who would otherwise be unable to afford them. In its inaugural year, AtomicMind is committing up to $500,000 worth of services to support up to 50 qualified students, with plans to expand in future years.

The AtomicMind Foundation Scholar Program will provide comprehensive support throughout a student’s college admissions journey, starting as early as the freshman year of high school. Students will receive tailored counseling to build strong candidacies for elite colleges, as well as assistance with every facet of the admissions process during the college application season.

AtomicMind also aims to help these students more easily obtain financial aid. Given the amount of need-based aid often falls short, under-resourced students need to be able to close the funding gap with merit-based aid. To qualify, these students must demonstrate strength of character and a track record of academic and extracurricular accomplishment. Success rates are significantly higher when students have access to long-term, quality support.

“High-achieving, low-income students are seriously underrepresented at selective higher-education institutions in the US. With the increasing cost of college, this stands to get worse,” said Leelila Strogov, the founder and CEO of AtomicMind. “In a perfect world, the extra help and support AtomicMind offers students would be available to all, regardless of their socioeconomic background. In the service of advancing this future, we created the AtomicMind Foundation. AtomicMind believes that positively influencing our collective long-term future is a key moral priority of our time. Doing that important work starts with impacting individual lives today.”

A study from Indicators of Higher Education Equity in the United States shows that students from families in the lowest quintile of income comprise only 4% of students at highly competitive, four-year institutions compared to 33% of students who come from the highest quintile of income.

The AtomicMind Foundation Scholar Program provides the following services:

● Leadership, emotional regulation, and life skills cultivation
● Organization / executive function skill building
● Tutoring (for academic subjects & standardized tests)
● Deadline management
● Research and analysis
● College list creation
● Personal story development
● Essay crafting
● Early Decision, Early Action, and Regular Decision strategy
● Interview coaching
● Navigating relevant relationships and communications at the high school and college levels
● Neuropsychological evaluations to assist students in need of testing accommodations

Scholarships are open to exceptional students from families living with financial precarity. The Foundation will work with students through outreach, local schools, and nomination to ensure that ambitious and hardworking students receive outstanding guidance on their academic path.

Successful candidates will be chosen based on their transcripts, application, and interview. Minimum eligibility requirements include:

● A GPA of at least a 3.7/4.0 or a ranking at the top 15% of one’s class
● An annual household income of less than $85,000
● US residency

Additional information on the program can be found here:

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